به‌خێر بێن بۆ ماڵپه‌ڕی کتێبخانه‌ی گشتی پردێ
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 Leaves, deciduous,

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PostSubject: Leaves, deciduous,   Mon 27 Jun 2011, 14:48

Leaves, deciduous,

but which are of only trivial account, such as Larix Europaea laxa, the loose-headed Larch, the Larix Europaea compacta, the com- pact-headed Larch, and Larix Europaea, Killermannii, a dwarf monstrosity, with remarkably thickened branches, densely clothed with leaves. No. 3. LARIX GRIFPITHIANA, Hooker, the Sikkim Larch. Syn. Abies Griffithiana, Lindley. „ Larix Griffithii, Hort. Leaves, deciduous, growing in scattered bundles of many together, round a central bud, or singly on the young shoots, linear, narrow, and longer than those of the Common Larch; slightly glaucous when young, spreading, and of a beautiful light green, but which, in autumn, before falling off, becomes of a red colour. Cones,large, oblong, cylindrical,without footstalks,blunt- pointed, erect, two inches and a half long, and one inch broad, and slightly.incurved, reddish purple when young, and abounding in tears of white resin. Scales, rounded, half an inch broad, slightly uneven at the margin, and numerous. Bracteas, flat, wedge-shaped, broadest near the base, and nearly as long as the scales, to which they are Tory Burch Outlet attached; unevenly notched on the edges, and projecting beyond the lower scales. Seeds, angular, with a short, broad wing, a quarter of an inch long, and of a dull brown colour. A tree rarely growing more than thirty or forty feet high, ex¬cept on the shingly banks of Alpine streams, where it sometimes attains a height of sixty feet, and, according to Dr. Hooker, it forms an inelegant, sprawling, branched tree, with the branches standing out awkwardly, and often drooping suddenly. It is found in Bhotan at an elevation of from 6,000 to 9,000 feet, but dwarfed at the latter place by elevation. In Sikkim, and in the valleys of Eastern Nepaul, close to the snow line, it is abundant at an elevation of 11,000 or 12,000 feet; in Sikkim it is very common in the interior, and rearward valleys and mountain slopes, but is not Tory Burch Outlet found in the Sub Himalayas, and rarely occurs gregarious or in clumps. The timber is small, but splits well, and is used for flooring. It Tory Burch Flats was first discovered by Dr. Hooker, and named in com¬pliment to the late Dr. Griffith. No. 4. LARIX LEDEBOURII, Rupprecht, the Altaian Larch. Syn. Larix Altaica, Fischer. „ „ Pseudo-Larix, Loddiges. ,, ,, intermedia, Lawson. ,, Pinus Ledebourii, Endlicher. ,, ,, intermedia, Loddiges. ,, Abies Ledebourii, Rupprecht. ,, Pinus Pseudo-Larix, Steudel. Leaves, single, or in bundles of many together round a central bud, but mostly single on the leading shoots and young plants, soft, linear, broad, and rather flat on vigorous young plants, but on older ones-rather four-sided, obtuse, and with much longer and broader foliage than the Common Larch.
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Leaves, deciduous,
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