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PostSubject: Seed-leaves   Mon 27 Jun 2011, 14:49


Seed-leaves, in twos. Leaves, scale-formed, compressed in opposite pairs, and in four imbricated rows, the under and upper ones much the smallest. Name, derived from ' Libanos,' Tory Burch Outlet incense,' Cedrus,' the cedar. All large evergreen trees, found in Chili and New Zealand. No. 1. LIBOCEDKXJS CHILENSIS, Endlicher, the Chilian Arbor- Vitas. Syn. Thuja Chilensis, Don. ,, ,, Andina, Peeppeg. „ Cupressus Chilensis, Crillies. Leaves, in pairs, opposite, compressed, blunt, glaucous at the sides, bright green at the back and edges, the lower pair being much larger than the upper ones, and Tory Burch Outlet keeled at the back. Branches, compressed, obovate between the joints, bright green, with glaucous furrows, and thickly covered with leaves, flat¬tened, and two-edged. Cones, drooping on short footstalks, half an inch long, and consisting of four woody scales in opposite pairs. Scales, face to face, and not overlapping, with a sharp K 2 tubercle on the outside below the apex; the two larger scales have each two seeds at their base; the two lower, or smaller ones, being abortive; each cone generally having four seeds, which stand erect, and with unequal sided wings. A fine evergreen tree, attaining a height of from sixty to eighty feet in the Andes of Chili, where it is found in cold valleys on the Southern Andes, and on the Volcano of Antuco, a mountain about three degrees north of Valdivia. Poeppeg states that it resembles the American Arbor-Vitae, when full grown, but is less robust, sometimes branching from the base, and gaining the habit of a Cypress, but in other cases forming a conical head, with a straight trunk, clothed with rough cracked bark, of a brownish ash colour, and scarcely more than a foot in Tory Burch Flats diameter, with a yellowish, resinous, hard, strong- Bcented wood. A beautiful spccies, nearly or quite hardy in favourable situa¬tions in England. LIBOCEDRUS CHILENSIS VIRIDIS, Hort. Syn. Libocedrus excelsa, Hort. This variety only differs from the species in having bright green leaves, entirely free from the glaucous bands on the leaves and branchlets. No. 2. LIBOCEDRUS DONIANA, Endlicher, Don's Arbor-Vitae. Syn. Thuja Doniana, Hooker. „ Dacrydium plumosum, Don. Leaves, in four rows; marginal ones more or less extended at the points, acute, and clasping on both sides; while those on the upper and under surfaces are pressed flat, very much smaller, nearly round, and acute pointed, with the outer surface of the leaves clothing the under part of the branchlets of a much lighter colour, and thickly covered with a glaucous bloom, while the outward surface of those on the upper part are smooth, and of a glossy green. Branches, rounded, with a smooth brownish bark; branchlets, arranged in two rows, flat, compressed, and clothed with four rows of small imbricated leaves.
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