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  I love the MBT shoes

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PostSubject: I love the MBT shoes   Fri 14 Jan 2011, 14:23

I had to write to say thank you, my feet don't hurt anymore! I have had problems with my left foot for years, have spent hundreds of dollars on custom foot beds, shoes , chiropracter visits you name it I have spent money on relieving foot and back pain.
The MBT Shoes when I tried my first pair, sneakers, it was so natural a walk, no pain, I can be on my feet for 18 hours and no pain, my left ankle doesn't swell up. I had to purchase a second pair of MBT Sandals because going back to my other shoes my feet hurt.... I could shout it from the roof tops, I am free of pain,,,,I love these shoes.....
It is a better way to better health !
Through my work as an osteopath and acupuncturist, many of my clients showed me their new MBTs, and told me how much they liked them. I had been hearing about the Cheap Mbt Shoesfor some time but thought nothing of them; just another fad thatll pass leaving a lot of people regretting their fickleness I thought.I must admit I was skeptical, until I tried a pair for myself, and then I understood!
The unique design of the sole encouraged my posture to be very tall and balanced. It felt like I had just done a yoga class. When I arrived I was told to remove my (very comfortable) shoes and put on a pair of discount mbt shoes, which I was to wear for the rest of the evening.By evenings end I was already feeling the benefits of having to stand in a more anatomically correct way, so decided to take the next step and ask if I might take a walk along the street for while.From then on I was hooked and had to have a pair, and I havent had them off since.
Now I wear them all day, and I have since recommended the shoes fromMBT Shoes Saleto a number of my clients who have been experiencing long term leg and low back pain, all with very good results. It is composed by lisaking B 01.14.2011
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I love the MBT shoes
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