به‌خێر بێن بۆ ماڵپه‌ڕی کتێبخانه‌ی گشتی پردێ
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 the great and holy Basil

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PostSubject: the great and holy Basil   Wed 29 Dec 2010, 10:34

the great and holy BasilThen the great and holy Basil held up the writing, and, looking toward Heaven, said, O Lord, to Thee alone all the deeds of this woman are manifest! Thou hast taken away the sins of the world, and more easily inayest thou blot out those jimmy choo of this single soul. Before thee, indeed, all our offences are numbered; but thy mercy is infinite. Saying thus, he went into the church, holding the aforesaid writing in his jimmy choo shoes hand; and prostrating himself before the altar, there jimmy choo uggs he remained through the night, and on the morrow, during the performance of all the masses which were celebrated there, intreating God for this womans sake. And when she came to him, he gave her the writing, and said to her, Woman, hast thou heard .that the remission of sins can come from God alone V She answered, Yea, father; and therefore have I supplicated thee that thou shouldst intercede with that most merciful God in my behalf. And then she opened the writing, and found that it was all blotted out, save onlythat the one great, and most heinous sin, still remained written there. But she, seeing that this great sin was still legible as before, beat her breast, and began to bewail herself, and falling at his feet again, with many tears she said, have compassion upon me, O Servant of the Most High, and as thou hast once exerted thyself in prayer for all my sins, and hast prevailed, so now intercede, as thou canst, that this offence also may be blotted out Thereat holy Basil wept for pity; and he said unto her, Woman arise! I also am a sinner, and have myself need of forgiveness. He who hath blotted out thus much, hath granted thee remission of thy sins as far as hath to Him seemed good; and God, who hath taken away the sins of the world, is able to take from thee this remaining sin also; and if thou wilt keep his commandments, and walk in his ways, thou shalt not only have forgiveness, butwilt also become worthy of glory.

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the great and holy Basil
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