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 Here the birds

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PostSubject: Here the birds   Wed 01 Dec 2010, 13:36

Here the birds

Here the birds will probably come in faster than you can count them, jimmy choo shoes and you have then only to wait till they are well packed together; in which case, you would probably get from ten to twenty at a shot.
If the pond is large, place some one con¬cealed on the opposite side, who (should the birds be feeding out of your reach) will, by a gentle noise, be sure to make them swim across; but, if he overdoes his part; goes directly to windward; or shows himself; they will fly up. Never fire at random on such occasions. If you wish to make the birds forsake one pond, with the view of their using another more convenient for shooting them, you should put, in the former, either some train oil and quick lime: a bushel of soot; or two winged birds, well rubbed over with asafoetida.
The dunbirds and divers* may be easily known,
by the disturbance they make in the water, and they will generally swim over the whole of the pond in a few hours; so that, in moonlight, you would be almost sure of them.
Should the pond be frozen over, you might sometimes have a very fine shot, by breaking open
jimmy choo a large place in the ice, where they would col¬lect together for the fresh water, and most likely be accompanied by duck and mallard. The chief MBT of the shooting on the ponds by night is at the dunbirds, which MBT Shoes are vulgarly called red¬heads; for, with the exception of the tufted and scaup duck, the other diving birds prefer feeding by day. The golden-eyes and morillons go out every MBT Shoes Clearance evening to sea, where, until the winter is nearly over, they will remain all night; though perhaps tossed on billows jimmy choo uggs in the most tem¬pestuous weather.
A HAMPSHIRE punt, though very long, is made so light and narrow, as just to hold one person, with a gun of about seventy pounds weight, and six feet in the barrel, fixed on a swivel.
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Here the birds
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