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 his cracked

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PostSubject: his cracked   Wed 01 Dec 2010, 13:34

his cracked

MBT Why is this? The gentleman thinks his cracked shooting is to do every thing, and will not go low enough, for fear of dirtying his knees, while the rustic, not minding dirt, or any thing else, pulls off his hat, crawls to the fowl, and is generally as sure of getting, as the other is of not getting, a good shot
The average of shooting, on the coast, is now far inferior to that in many private rivers and ponds, by reason, that, where the
MBT Shoes Clearance wildfowl con¬tribute to the winter subsistence of the jimmy choo fisher¬men, they are for ever followed, and not only by them, but every vagrant, who can raise a few shillings to purchase an old musket; so that, on their appearing in numbers, there is generally assembled a levy jimmy choo uggs en masse, who, by indiscrimi¬nately firing at all distances, make them so diffi¬cult of access, that, although thousands may be seen, few will fly or let you come within reach.
Indeed, the sport is sometimes so completely ruined, that I have heard the poor men, who earn their livelihood by it, express a most ear¬nest wish, that some kind of licence was required, which they could pay for tenfold by the number of shots that are now spoiled by the idle, drunken, mischievous rabble, that frequent the alehouses about Christmas, for the nominal purpose of wildfowl shooting. These fellows would, by this means, be deterred from infesting the shore, and the poor fowlers would be better paid for their hard labour: add to which, this would prevent the depredations, that are not unfrequently com¬mitted by these armed vagabonds. As it is, however, the lords of manors may forbid their carrying guns, or otherwise trespassing, in parts where the tide does not flow, such as the waste land, &c.
In some
MBT Shoes retired places, where all this is not so much the case, the diversion of what is called flight shooting is excellent to those who are nei¬ther prepared jimmy choo shoes nor disposed to follow wildfowl in a more scientific manner. I shall, therefore, endeavour to give a few hints on the subject.

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his cracked
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