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 What A Christian Louboutin Mess

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PostSubject: What A Christian Louboutin Mess   Tue 16 Aug 2011, 16:14

Across the street from the back entrance of the _Gazette_ building he parked and got out of his car, stuck a dime in the parking meter, and then entered the _Gazette_ offices by the back stairs.
"Is Mr. Lowery around?" he asked the girl at the counter. "I don't think he is, sir," the girl said. She moved toward the switchboard. "If you want to wait, I'll call around and see if they can locate him."
"Thanks," he said. "Tell him christian louboutin sale Bill Black."
The girl tried various offices and then said to him, "I'm sorry, Mr. Black. They say he hasn't come in yet, but he ought to be in soon. Do you want to wait?"
"Okay," he said, louboutin shoes sale glum. He threw himself down on a bench, lit a cigarette, and sat with his hands folded.
After fifteen minutes he heard voices along the hall. A door opened and the tall, lean, baggy-tweed figure of Stuart Lowery put in its appearance. "Oh, hello Mr. Black," he said in his reasonable fashion.
"Guess what was waiting for me in my office," Bill Black said. He handed Lowery the note. Lowery read it carefully.One chance in a billion. Somebody printed up a list of good restaurants and stuck it in his hat, and then he got into

one of the supply trucks and rode on in, and while he was unloading stuff from the truck the list fell out of his hat." A notion struck him. "Unloading cabbages, for instance. And when Vic Nielson started to carry the cabbages into the

storage locker, he saw the list and said to himself, Just what I need; a list of good restaurants. So he picked it up, carried it home, and pasted it on the wall by the phone."
Lowery smiled uncertainly.
"He's getting distraught again. The signs are all there. More empty beer cans on the back porch, a whole bagful of them. How can he guzzle beer and work at the same time? I've watched him at it for three years, and I don't

understand it."
Dead-pan, Lowery said, "I'll bet that's the secret. It's not in Ragle; marc jacobs sale in the beer."
Nodding good-bye, Black left the _Gazette_ building.
On the drive back to the MUDO building, one thought kept returning to him. There was just that one possibility that he could not face. Everything else could be handled. Arrangements could be made. But--
Suppose Ragle was becoming sane again?
That evening, after he left the MUDO building, he stopped by a drugstore and searched for something to buy. At last his attention touched on a Running Warehouse of ball-point

pens. He tore several of the pens loose and started out of the store with them.
It was his scheme to show up at the house with the pens, telling Vic and Ragle that they had been mailed to the waterworks as free samples but that city employees weren't allowed to accept them. You fellows want them? He

practiced to himself as he drove home.
The best method was always the simple method.
Parking in the driveway he hopped up the steps to the porch and inside. Curled up on the couch, Junie was sewing a button on a blouse; she ceased working at once and looked up furtively, with such a flutter of guilt that he

knew she had been out strolling with Ragle, holding hands and exchanging vows.
Junie said, "marc jacobs sale down at the launderette picking up your clothes and I ran into Bernice Wilks, and we got to talking about school -- she and I went to Cortez

High together -- and we drove downtown in her car and had lunch, and then we took in a show. And I just got back. So dinner is four frozen beef pies." She eyed him apprehensively.
She got up from the couch. In her long quilted skirt and sandals and wide-collared blouse with the medal-sized buttons she looked quite charming. Her hair had been put up artfully, a coil tied at the back in a classical knot. "You're

real sterling," she said, with relief. "I thought you'd be mad and start yelling."
This was the part that annoyed him; not christian louboutin sale her slipping off into the hay with Ragle, but her making up sloppy tales that never hung together and which

only served to create more confusion. Especially in view of the fact that he needed very badly to hear about Ragle's condition. The folly of living with a woman picked for her affability. She could be counted on to blunder about and

do the right thing, but when it came time to ask her what had happened, her innate tendency to lie for her own protection slowed everything to a halt. What was needed was a woman who could commit an indiscretion and then

talk about it. But too late to reshape it all, now.
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What A Christian Louboutin Mess
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