به‌خێر بێن بۆ ماڵپه‌ڕی کتێبخانه‌ی گشتی پردێ
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 Baynes Nodded, Gazing Out The Window

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PostSubject: Baynes Nodded, Gazing Out The Window   Mon 01 Aug 2011, 17:53

'Have you been to the marc jacobs sale before?' Lotze asked.
'Several times.'
'Not I. There is anmarcjacobshandbagssales in San Francisco of my work, arranged by Dr. Goebbels' office, with the Japanese authorities. A cultural exchange to

promote understanding and goodwill. We must ease tensions between the East and West, don't you think? We must have more communication, and art can do that.'
Baynes nodded. Below, beyond the ring of fire from the rocket, the city of San Francisco and the Bay could now be seen.
'Where does one eat in San Francisco?' Lotze was saying. 'I have reservations at the Palace Hotel, but my understanding is that one can find good food in the international section, such as the Chinatown.'
'True,' Baynes said.
'Are prices high in San Francisco? I am out of pocket for this trip. The Running Warehouse is very frugal.' Lotze laughed.
'Depends on the exchange rate you can manage. I presume you're carrying Reichsbank drafts. I suggest you go to the Bank of Tokyo on Samson Street and exchange there.'
'Danke sehr,' Lotze said. 'I would have done it at the hotel.'
The rocket had almost reached the ground. Now Baynes could see the airfield itself, hangars, parking lots, the autobahn from the city, the houses. . . very lovely view, he thought. Mountains and water, and a few bits of

fog drifting in at the Golden Gate.
'What is that enormous structure below?' Lotze asked. 'It is half-finished, open at one side. A spaceport? The Nipponese have no spacecraft, I thought.'
With a smile, Baynes said, 'That's Golden Poppy Stadium. The baseball park.'
Lotze laughed. 'Yes, they love baseball. Incredible. They have begun work on that great structure for a pastime, an idle time-wasting sport - '


Interrupting, Baynes said, 'It is finished. That's its permanent shape. Open on one side. A new architectural design. They are very proud of it.'
'It looks,' Lotze said, gazing down, 'as if christian louboutin sale designed by a Jew.'
Baynes regarded the man for a time. He felt, strongly for a moment, the unbalanced quality, the psychotic streak, in the German mind. Did Lotze actually mean what he said? Was it a truly spontaneous remark?
'marc jacobs sale one another later on in San Francisco,' Lotze said as the rocket touched the ground. 'I will be at loose ends without a countryman to talk to.'
'I'm not a countryman of yours,' Baynes said.
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Baynes Nodded, Gazing Out The Window
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