به‌خێر بێن بۆ ماڵپه‌ڕی کتێبخانه‌ی گشتی پردێ
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  New Hampshire,

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PostSubject: New Hampshire,   Mon 27 Jun 2011, 14:48

New Hampshire,

Cones, half an inch long, and three-eighths of an inch broad, oblong, erect, and of a red or violet colour. Scales, oval, slightly incurved, distinctly striated, and entire. Seeds, very small, wings short, and of a light brown colour. A large tree, with a Tory Burch Flats slender pyramidal head, and numerous horizontal branches, which are not very long, but forming rather a close head. It is found in North America, from Canada to Virginia, but mostly abounds in Vermont, New Hampshire, and the district of Maine, attaining a height, sometimes, of 100 feet, and two or three feet in diameter. Its timber is much esteemed in America, being heavy and resinous. No. 7. LARIX PENDULA, Salisbury, the Black American Larch. Syn. Abies pendula, Lindley. „ Larix Americana pendula, Loudon. „ Pinus pendula, Aiton. „ „ laricina, Duroi. ,, „ Larix nigra, Marsh. „ Larix nigra, Hort. Leaves, deciduous, in bundles of many together, or single on K the young shoots, three-quarters of an inch long, and like those of the Common Larch in shape, but longer, darker {n colour, and arising from shorter buds. Branches, few, remote, long, Tory Burch Outlet pendulous, and in whorls; branchlets also thinner, and more pendulous than the branches. Cones, ovate, roundish, erect, three-quarters of an inch long, and easily detached from the branches. Scales, rounded, loose, largest near the base, and with the margin entire, and curved inwards. Seeds, small and short-winged. A medium-sized straggling-headed tree, with a stem seldom more than one foot and a half in diameter, and with few branches, which are long and pendulous, and thinly covered with branchlets: It is found on the mountains of North America, particularly in Canada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the coldest and gloomiest exposures in the mountainous tracks of Virginia, where it is called by the inhabitants ' Tamarack,' or Black Larch, and, according to Michaux, is considered among the most valuable of timber. Gen. LIBOCEDRUS. Endlicher. The Incense Cedar. Flowers, monoecious, or male and female on the same plant, but separate and terminal. Male catkins, almost cylindrical; female ones, solitary and globular. Cones, oval, more or less obtuse, woody, and composed of from four to six scales, which are flat, or slightly concave on the inner face. Scales, in opposite pairs, face to face, and not overlapping, the lower ones small, and mostly abortive, the whole of them fur¬nished with a terminal, small, incurved spine below the apex, and leathery in texture. Seeds, singly, or Tory Burch Outlet in twos under each scale; the upper, or larger scales having each two seeds at the base, while the two lower, or smaller ones, are either abortive, or have but one seed each: seeds, unequally two-winged.
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New Hampshire,
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