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 Tolefree taken

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PostSubject: Tolefree taken   Tue 24 May 2011, 10:15

Tolefree takenand does not the fact," Had Prof. Tolefree taken his station where the view of the firmament would have been unobstructed, he would probably have seen a still greater number shooting to th® southwest,"that the greatest display occurs everywhere in places differing widely in longitude, at the same hour of the day, as plainly indicate its connexion with the motion of the earth on its axis ? The supposition of a body in space, consisting of an immense collection of meteors, stretching across the earth's orbit obliquely, so that the earth passes under it in its annual progress, while places on its surface, lying westward of each other, are successively brought by the diurnal revolution to the point of nearest approach, will satisfy both these conditions. I can think of no other that will.The " point of nearest approach" may be merely the extremity, or the skirt of the nebulous body, while the greatest part of it, and consequently its centre of gravity, lies too distant from the earth to be much influenced by its gravity. It would not be at all inconsistent with the known extent of astronomical bodies, to give to the body in question a Tory Burch Outlet breadth of thousands, and a length of millions of miles.It was an accidental observation, made after the conclusion was formed, which ascribes the origin of the meteoric showers to a revolving nebulous body, that first led me to suspect the Zodiacal Light to be the body in question. This, according to La Place, is such a nebulous body, revolving around the sun in the plane of the solar equator . We actually observe it to reach over the orbit of the earth, making an angle with its plane of only 7 degrees. It is not difficult to place it in such a situation that the earth shall come very near to the skirts of it at least We should, indeed, expect this meeting of the two bodies to take place at the nodes of the solar equator, Tory Burch Flats and, therefore, in December and June instead of November and Tory Burch Reva Flats April. It is easily conceivable, however, that the aphelion of the Zodiacal Light, at which place it approaches nearest the earth, does not lie Tory Burch Sale exactly at the node, but so far from it that the earth passes it a month before it comes to its node, at which time, moreover, the earth is more than a million of miles nearer to the sun than its mean distance.

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Tolefree taken
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