به‌خێر بێن بۆ ماڵپه‌ڕی کتێبخانه‌ی گشتی پردێ
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 This oontinued

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PostSubject: This oontinued   Tue 24 May 2011, 10:14

This oontinued

This oontinued for a short time only, although a general luminous appearance in the north remained during the night." About two o'clock in the morning, several meteors were seen to dart across the Great Bear, and from this time constant watch wsys kept up until daylight. From two to three o'clock, ninetyeight meteors were counted, some being very small, but the greater number of great size and brilliancy, resembling a rocket both in the explosion and trail left behind,the trails lasting in some instances for nearly two minutes.44 With two or three exceptions, the course of the meteors was Tory Burch Flats divergent from a point in Leo, Declination 20°. Right Ascension 150°, nearly. Thfe place of this point was fully confirmed during the night." From three to four "o'clock, one hundred and fifty meteors were counted, and three hundred in all were enumerated. After this time we kept no account of the number, though many more appeared. From the situation of the observer it is probable that more than half escaped notice. Several were seen 111 the clear light of the dawn ; and Jupiter, Venus, and Mars, all shining with great brilliancy, were alternately outshone by these transient rivals. No doubt now exists in the mind of the writer, as to the distinct and peculiar character of the phenomenon; for, though an attentive observer of such matters, he has never seen anything bearing the slightest resemblance to this display, except on the night of Nov. 1213 th, 1832, when he had the good fortune to Tory Burch Reva Flats observe the same appearance while at sea, off the harbour of Pernambuco, one year before the farfamed shower of 183"G. O. Newark, New Jersey.44 This account much, resembles the foregoing, as might be expected from the proximity of the two places of observation. The writer remarks, that previous to two o'clock a few shooting stars were seen, but no more than on ordinary occasions. Tory Burch Outlet After Tory Burch Sale that, however, there was a decided increase. In an hour and a half he counted above seventyfive, although his field of view took inonly 60 degrees.

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This oontinued
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