به‌خێر بێن بۆ ماڵپه‌ڕی کتێبخانه‌ی گشتی پردێ
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 Broken beauty -mbt shoes sale

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PostSubject: Broken beauty -mbt shoes sale   Mon 21 Mar 2011, 16:57

I like to break the tree root and leaf litter wilt, rust like temple bell, broke decadent wall, like a bottle found in the public yard deep, jade stone steps tilt column fracture, stars fell like the moon clouds cold root dried stems Shuailiu lost flower residues, like a silent old man wearing a faded street to pick up the tattered clothes, like the shoulders of a little girl carrying a thin cloth bag block makes up the books to school. I even like a chipped or a beer bottle to be crushed cans rolling on the ground in silence, and then static. Every time I see these sporadic human trivial things, I always looked forward to them intently, until they beheld the realm of far, far away to go. mbt shoes sale

I do not know how beautiful they once had, so I can not imagine their beauty. As a result, I am deeply immersed in not seeking the source of such unimaginable beauty among the colorful mining past with them, and then, when I look back, these two life forms pulled up to the present, suddenly cried. This can not explain how much all that contains difficult to tell the romantic joys and sorrows, contains a number of things in the vicissitudes of the vast eternal sadness and desolation ah! jimmy choo outlet

I like to watch others burst into tears, like to listen to the sound of people mad roar, like people drink and drooling spit out some of the fermentation of the past buried in the bottom of my heart, like to see a single person in the beloved Acacia's wedding night stand silent in the rain holding an umbrella. I like Suri calm rattled Enron tell people the suffering of the people always happy to meet a sudden will be depressed and lost, the old people remember yellow youth, people who aloof a love confession. I like the stars fell out of favor after the sad smile, when old age heroes back pain, frustrated by official independent products of tea, the roots of grief the passing away of beauty in the mirror. I like the most defenseless people in the most vulnerable time of their most painful Zuiteng dug that part of things, and then shaking, then cry, then let the mind flow of blood. coach diaper bags

Whenever this time, even in front of people I know nothing about, and I will believe: this man has a very good and still have a beautiful soul, he has experienced the bitterness and suffering, and those difficult feelings and caring touch emotion is the mark of his life in the deepest and most cherished storage. Broken only waiting for him, he will release the long pigeon house arrest, and the Kai window reveal their truest face. louboutin shoes

Who can be broken, must have lived. Lin's broken, is unforgettable love her; San Mao's broken, from the moment after she suffered a lot of Ming Che and detached; Van Gogh's broken is the golden sun with a knife in the light, keep him pain; Bedouin Finland's broken, it is extremely black and white keys to the spiritual life of the tragic impact movement. If the ordinary person who leaked the crushing of human nature the most beautiful spot the most pure, then crushing the souls of these good manners, such as silver filled with flowers the sky above us. How much we learn the true meaning of life, dreams and ah! louboutin replica

I know, not many people like me can enjoy this unique happiness and joy, not many people know how beautiful this broken ground covered with thin thick in front of our fields and pastures, as the thick thin moon tonight .

Who said: The beauty of a flower, is that her bloom. While blooming in fact the efforts to reach the broken ah. louboutin replica

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Broken beauty -mbt shoes sale
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