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 Feelings of happiness

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PostSubject: Feelings of happiness    Mon 21 Mar 2011, 16:53

Of happiness, once a Bluebird legend. Hidden in a forest where a man can only bring happiness Bluebird, so there are a lot of people join together to find it. Season or in the sunny days in cold, wet ground to pursue it without despair. Bluebird in the dense forest that is always hidden when the time was. Yves Saint Laurent outletThen one day, an exhausted man finally captured it in a stream and then contentedly off to sleep, do not want to wake up and actually change the color of the bird has become a common bird, the person will stop breathing and therefore death.

Visible, well-being of people is often elusive, as the legendary Bluebird bird. But everyone without giving up its pursuit. So the process in the pursuit of sorrows and joys and sorrows of life tasted. Increasing emphasis on the modern pursuit of money and the possession of external objects, they placed more of a psychological specific bird birds.Jimmy Choo outlet Some people think happiness is the cause of the so-called successful, happily married, living well, is paved with flowers and wine future of gold accumulation million consistent, fame shawls plus body, food display table wine; Some thought it was the many children, Fan out the door after the call, a sightseeing tour at public expense ... ...

As everyone knows, but pure pure happiness is not. Do not you see, some people in life are often a dilemma in the dilemma it? MBT Staka shoes There are ugly ugly sad, beautiful and pretty worried; money troubles from time to time when money, the rich have the money when the sorrow; eat more oily fish or fowl are Nan Xiao, but going to try Vegetables taste of game, only appetite Pacific; spent a long time, high-rise buildings are boring bored, and longing for small farm house enjoy the idyllic Roman ... .... Well said Roland, a person happy or not, and never won or lost based on what but only because its own sense of how, sweat and tears of happiness is accompanied by the bird, it does not like the hustle and bustle of flashy, and often came down in the dark. mbt outlet

Heart to heart trouble in a look, a warm friend of note, QQ in a lovely face, a kind of touch parents, ... ... Is not this priceless happiness? Some people can, others see him very happy, but he does not feel happy, people happy to see him very far away, he was met well met. See happiness in love can feel the happiness of the people. Happiness is a beautiful beautiful fantastic, a beautiful beautiful mood, it is everywhere, it is difficult to grasp in our hands. Happiness is often hazy, very moderate rain to spray us. As long as you do not see it too mysterious, too great, it will silently come into your house, into your mind. Herve Leger outlet

Let us flat in daily life, to feel the genuineness of human life there is happiness in it
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Feelings of happiness
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