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 Crops and weeds -louboutin replica

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PostSubject: Unfortunately, a taste from the successful - Monster beats bydre    Mon 21 Mar 2011, 16:42

We often comfort others, said: "Life is not satisfactory." You can not have it all. You will never be the happiest person. However, who says life is not complete it? We have, is another successful. ghd sale We regret that the taste of perfection. No separation of thoughts, how can enjoy the happiness together? Did not experience the pain of betrayal, how valuable a taste of loyalty? Helpless not tasted the taste of failure, why would experience the joy of success? Did not suffer the disease attacks, how can people understand the importance of health to? Herve Leger sale In the chaos of this world, to have, together always, loyalty to each other, stay together, is it not a complete it? mbt shoes sale Successful life, not to say that you have to have everything, but you learn to cherish and pay. What if you're not greedy, you are successful. When you know love, that is its own fulfillment. beats by dre Moon waxed and waned, but you will not say that the moon is not satisfactory. You love that person, perhaps not perfect, perhaps there are many shortcomings. May ask yourself, then why not? However, the relations you can be successful. This complete, detached reality, is a taste and pursuit, is also a tolerance for themselves and others. Monster beats bydreNFL Jerseys
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Posts : 4
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PostSubject: Crops and weeds -louboutin replica   Mon 21 Mar 2011, 16:33

A philosopher with his disciples study tour the world. In many countries traveled, visiting many famous universities, the profit to have learned all of them back to the point of

departure. Before entering the city, the philosopher and his disciples on the outskirts of a grass and sat down. Philosopher said: "In the end of your studies, when the last

lesson today. You see, in the wilderness around us, covered with weeds, and now I want to know is how to eradicate these weeds?" Questions for teachers disciples were very

surprised. They did not think, has been exploring the wonders of life, the philosopher, the last lesson was so asked a simple question. <a href="http://www.christian-louboutins-shoes.org">louboutin replica</a>

A disciple of the first to speak: "The teacher, a blade as long as there is enough." Philosopher nodded.

"With fire is also a good way." <a href="http://www.louboutinshoesuk.com">louboutin shoes</a>

"Sprinkled with lime, to shovel out all the weeds."

"Extermination, as long as the roots dug up on the line." <a href="http://www.coach-store-outlet.com">coach diaper bags</a>

And other disciples are finished, the philosopher stood up and said: "here on the last class, you go back, each one according to their own way to remove weeds. Does not get rid

of, one year later, together again." <a href="http://www.louboutinshoesuk.com">louboutin shoes</a>

A year later, they all came. However, they found that the place is no longer the weeds together, but a land full of millet crops. Last year they came to see the philosopher is

not the place sit, but found a note that read: "To eradicate the weeds in the wilderness, the best approach is to allow the crops growing well. Similarly, to get the soul No

fuss, the only way is to take it with virtue. " <a href="http://www.mbt-sale-outlet.com">mbt shoes sale</a>

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Crops and weeds -louboutin replica
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