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 We know that Grotius

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PostSubject: We know that Grotius   Tue 08 Mar 2011, 09:37

We know that GrotiusWe know that Grotius, a Dutchman, who wrote, about the beginning of the seventeenth century, a treatise, which ha$ since been much read and applauded, on the rights of war and peace, had but a very indistinct idea of a law of nations knew very well what were the relative rights of war ^nd of peace, and how they bore on each other, and when the one should or should not be paramount to the other; and no doubt thought, and perhaps he was not much mistaken, that, when he had stated and Tory Burch Handbags illustrated these rights in all their aspects, he had given the only ideas that could exist of a law of nations. But Vattel, a writer of eminence, who appeared soon after the war of , declares that Grotius, to whom, ^t the same time, he renders the highest honours for learning and sagacity, had no notion of the system as since understood;, and he adds, that, thojigh it is a subject so noble and important, the greatest part of mankind have only a vague, a very incomplete, and very often even a false notion of it. The glory of conceiving the idea of such a system, and of executing a useful work upon it, was reserved, he informs us, for Wolf, a Prussian professor, who gave lectures at Hall about sixty years ago; and his conception of Tory Burch Flats this subject was so shocking, in some respects, to Vattel, and the opinions now prevailing, that he considered civilized nations naturally allowed to make use of poisoned arms in war. Azuni, an Italian, and the last writer on the law of nations, whose work has been but a short time before the world, finds a principal inducement for its publication in the meagreness and' intricacy of the writings of hrl predecessors in the same departmentof political scienfte, who support, he assures us, interested opinions with bad reasons, and leave their subject in more confusion than they found it. It is not pretended that law is any where reduced to a written code for the resort of all, but is to be collected from the folios of half a dozen or more, not text writers, for Tory Burch Sale they have no text to build upon, but mere fancy writers, who first point out what the text ought to be, and then arrange it as Tory Burch Outlet they are paid to do; and who, though they do not any two of them coincide upon any given point, are the only fountains of information and authority.

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We know that Grotius
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