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 on an appeal

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PostSubject: on an appeal   Tue 08 Mar 2011, 09:36

on an appealFrance and Spain do not seem to place their piracies on an appeal to the law of nations, but rather refer them to a necessary retaliation and reaction of the extensions and interpolations of England, and of our submission to them. The principle is the same on which England aots, when she searches our vessels, sends them in on suspicion, or turns them away from blockaded places, and that on which France acts, when she bums and sinks them : a principle of &lfpreservation and belligerent annoyance, without regard to the effects on neutrals. Its operation is Tory Burch Sale more pernicious in one case than the other; but its essence and justice are the same in both.From the other maritime nations of Europe, from Russia, Denmark, Holland, Prussia, and Portugal, all of whom have enjoyed the means of annoying it, and with whose rights and emoluments it has clashed as much as with those of France and England, American commerce Tory Burch Handbags has met with no molestation. I shall, therefore, in this inquiry, consider chiefly the conduct of England, because she pretends to justify her piracies,and because I think that to their extension on her part, and sufferance on ours, all our maritime embarrassments are ascribable. Palpable or mere retaliating violations of our flag may be provided against, and, in process of time, prevented; but it is impossible to foresee, and successfully resist, as they occur, unfounded and sophisticated positions of pretended right, insinuating themselves as expositions of an unwritten but binding system, with which England seems determined gradually to overspread, deface, and obliterate the usages Tory Burch Outlet of foreign intercourse, and the natural immunities of neutrality.The English government is seldom satisfied with a bare exercise of its power. All their public acts are • accompanied with public explanations of their conformity to the law of nations, to the institutions of which inscrutable system the English lay claim to a rigorous adherence. It will therefore be proper, in the first place, to examine briefly what that system is, whence it derives any authority it may Tory Burch Flats have, and how far that authority is binding.The futility of such a system at all could not be more forcibly shown than in the present CQnjuncture.

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on an appeal
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