به‌خێر بێن بۆ ماڵپه‌ڕی کتێبخانه‌ی گشتی پردێ
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" This I should consider," says this intelligent author, " as the second best constructed greenhouse, and in which, excepting in the above described house, the plants Dr Dre Headphones would enjoy the fullest share of sun and light." In regard to the space that one welldirected fire, whether applied through smokeflues or hot water, will heat sufficiently for the purpose of the greenhouse, we may state that from various experiments it appears that from four to five thousand cubic feet of air, that is, of the internal capacity of a greenhouse, may be completely heated by one fire.Greenhouses in which a miscellaneous collection of plants is to be cultivated, may be, as we have already observed, of various forms andconstructions. The following description and accompanying diagram will pretty well elucidate a plant structure, combining the style of the conservatory with that of the greenhouse: such a one exists in the garden of the late Sir Robert Preston, of Valleyfield, in Perthshire; the chief advantages of which are, that the plants are placed upon stages of an angular form, and are placed so as to intersect each other, yet allowing sufficient space for Beats By Dre a person to walk between them, either to view or to water the plants. By this mode of arrangement it will be seen, that a greater surface is exposed to the light and air than in the usual form of stages and mode of arrangement; and as the house fronts the south, there is no part of these stages that does not enjoy its proper share of the sun and air.general treatment of miscellaneous greenhouse plants while young.Of the plants that form the majority of those genera enumerated at the beginning of this article, many of them seed freely, and may be in that way readily propagated: others strike by cuttings, by the means most generally in use, and a few are propagated by Beats By Dr Dre other means, which will be noticed under their respective heads.To propagate greenhouse exotics upon a large scale requires a house to be set apart for the express purpose, and nurserymen have in general such a house. The great utility of such an arrangement is to have an atmosphere created for the purpose, in which the greatest uniformity of temperature and humidity can be attained.
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