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 A motion to postpone

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PostSubject: A motion to postpone   Sat 26 Feb 2011, 08:48

A motion to postpone

A motion to postpone the bill indefinitely, was decided in the negative on the th of April, by a vote of to The amendments tory burch shoes made by tory burch sale the Senate were concurred in by the House; and on the tory burch flats th of April the bill was approved by James Madison, the President.At the same session of Congress, a resolution was passed declaring that, after the th of February nothing but gold and silver, treasury notes, and the notes of specie paying tory burch outlet Banks, ought to be received in payment of dues to the United States.An incident which occurred in the beginning of this year, deseryes mention, as an example of the power the Banks had over the community. A Mr. Fisher, a gentleman of Richmond, wished to enforce the payment of ten notes for dollars each, which had been issued by a Bank tin MBT Shoes Virginia. It had been his wish to bring a suit against the Bank in , but he could not find any gentleman of the bar at Richmond, who was willing to undertake the business. He at length succeeded in engaging a lawyer, and, in January regular proceedings were instituted : but the President of the Bank refused to obey the summons. The sheriff called to his aid a posse comitatus, and the President was forcibly taken before the court. The Bank still refusing to pay the amount of its notes, its doors were closed by the sheriff. It then brought suit against Mr. Fisher, laying its damages at , dollars, and also took measures for instituting legal proceedings against the sheriff! The doors of the Bank were surreptiously opened, and the Bank continued its operations, thus gaining a new triumph over the laws.The Banks of other parts of the country, evinced an equal indisposition to obey the laws of the land. Notwithstanding that the resolution of Congress designated the th of February as the day after which the notes of nonspecie paying Banks ought not to be received in payment of dues to Government, " the principal Banks in the Middle States explicitly stated" to the Treasury Department, in the month MBT of August, " their determination not to resume specie payments before the st of July, "t Mr. Dallas had, however, become weary of treating with the Banks as with independent sovereignties. He gave public notice, on the th of September, that the resolution of Congress would be enforced. But the delegates of the Banksof New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and the District of Columbia, assembled at New Yorl on the th f September, bid him MBT Shoes UK defiance, by resolutions which they published, fixing on the st of July for the resumption of specie payments.

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A motion to postpone
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