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 some remarks

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PostSubject: some remarks   Sat 26 Feb 2011, 08:48

some remarksIn reply to some remarks by these gentlemen, Mr. Mann said, " he knew of no law of the United States which authorized any officer of the Government to receive any part of the spurious money, which the gentle man said was in circulation. The laws were already perfect on this subject. If the executive officers had received other MBT Shoes UK moneys MBT in payment than tory burch sale those authorized by law, they had acted without law, without right. The remedy MBT Shoes now proposed, was, Mr. M. thought, something like Sangrado's practice : more Bank paper of the same sortmore hot water for the same evil."Mr. Mann's motion to amend was rejected.Mr. Wells opposed the bill on constitutional grounds, and because he did not believe it would have the effect intended. " This bill," he said, " came out of the hands of the Administration ostensibly for the purpose of curtailing the over issue of Bank paper : and yet it came prepared to inflict upon us the same evil, being itself nothing more than tory burch outlet simply a paper making machine; and constituting, in this respect, a scheme of policy about as wise, in point of precaution, as the contrivance of one of Rabelais' heroes, who hid himself in the water for fear of the rain. The disease, it is said, under which the people labor, is the Banking fever of the States; and this is to be cured by giving them the Banking fever of the United States."So little effect have the strongest arguments on men whose minds are made up, that the bill was passed by the Senate on the d of April, by a vote of to : and returned to the House for concurrence in certain amendments, not important enough to deserve special notice.When the question on concurrence with the amendments of the Senate was stated, tory burch flats Mr. Randolph declared himself the holder of no stock whatever, except live stock, and had determined never to own any: but, if this bill passed, he would not only be a stockholder to the utmost of his power, but would advise every man, over whom he had any influence to do the same, because it was the creation of a great privileged order of the most hateful kind to his feelings, and because he would rather be the master than the slave. If he must have a master, let him be one with epaulettessomething that he could fear and respect, something that he could look up tobut tory burch shoes not a master with a quill behind his ear."Mr. Webster " animadverted on what he called a compromise of principle, on a great moneyed institution, and the desertion, not only of principles, but of friends, which had characterized the proceedings of this bill."

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some remarks
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