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 How to Identify Gold Jewelry by Number Marks

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PostSubject: How to Identify Gold Jewelry by Number Marks   Tue 25 Jan 2011, 20:50

A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow may be your dream, but finding karat gold at collectibles malls, flea markets, or garage sales is more realistic. Many shoppers pass up great precious metals jewelry because they do not know costume jewelry from fine jewelry (Tiffany jewellery). You can learn the difference! 24k is pure gold, not used for jewelry (Tiffany jewellery) without alloys.
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
InstructionsThings You'll Need:
  • gold or goldtone jewelry (wholesale tiffany jewellery)
  • a loupe or magnifier
  • maybe an acid gold scratch test kit or an electronic tester
  1. 1 wholesale tiffany jewellery
Rings are often gold jewelry (tiffany jewelry)
LOCATE some jewelry to check, and use the magnifier or loupe to examine the back, clasp, edge, and wire. Remember that 24k is solid gold, too soft and maleable to use for jewelry (Tiffany jewellery) without other metals.
  1. 2 Tiffany jewellery
Not all gold is yellow. White gold looks like silver. (wholesale tiffany jewellery)
LOOK for a mark on the inside of the gold item. American jewelry is often marked by karat, stamped into the inside of a ring or bracelet, on the edge of earrings and the back of a charm. If the jewelry is marked 10k, that is the minimum mark used today in the United States. There is old gold on the market that is not stamped, and it is often 9k, still valuable and can be sold as jewelry or scrap. 14k is common for American gold, and 18k is not quite as common, but more valuable.
  1. 3
Gold bracelets are common, and marks are tiny.
COMPARE any marks you find with the following number marks. Foreign gold is often marked with a number. 9k gold is .375 and 10k is .417. 14k is .585 and 18k is .750. If you see any of these numbers, be aware that this may be gold. Silver numbers are discussed in another article, but know that if it is marked .800, .835, .900 or .925, it is most likely a silver piece of jewelry or jewellery, as it is often spelled in Europe.
  1. 4 (cheap jewelry)
LOOK carefully at quality pieces of jewelry that have an unusual clasp, or have a safety chain or hook. Often, these are precious metals pieces. If you find jewelry (wholesale tiffany jewellery) with brand names, you can check the name on the internet, but these are most often quality costume jewelry. Names like Monet and Napier are usually costume jewelry, and have been around for many years.
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How to Identify Gold Jewelry by Number Marks
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